Are These Toys A Danger to your Kids?

teddy bear in box, product liabilityEvery three minutes a child is treated in an emergency medical facility for a toy-related injury in the United States. Sadly, more than 251,000 serious toy-related injuries occurred in 2014 alone and a disturbing 61 children lost their lives due to accidents with toys between 2010 and 2014. Between January 2015 and November 2016 an alarming (more…)

The Basics of Bad Faith Insurance Litigation

words cloud with insurance in red, bad faith insuranceBad faith claims arise when insurers fail to uphold their obligations under the insurance contract, and that failure results in harm to the insured. Insurance companies are incentivized to maximize the collection of premiums and minimize the payment of claims. Some insurers take that incentive too far and harm the interests of their policyholders. (more…)

The Duty to Defend in Nevada

Hands holding a bubble with family, insurance bad faithInsurer’s Duty to Defend

In Nevada, an insurer’s duty to defend begins upon receiving notice of a claim and continues until the claim is resolved. This duty is broad and is intended to protect insured parties not only (more…)

How to Avoid Deceptive Practices

a gavel in the court desk, consumer rightsIn Nevada, consumers are afforded the right to pursue restitution after being victimized by a deceptive trade practice, in addition to any action brought by the state’s Attorney General. The law helps protect innocent consumers from unscrupulous business acts. (more…)

How Social Media Can Ruin Your Personal Injury Case

social media apps on phone, personal injuryA plaintiff’s social media profile can reveal information that can be used against his or her personal injury case. As a result, some plaintiffs choose to stop using social media for the meantime on the advice of an injury lawyer Reno, while other plaintiffs choose to be more circumspect in order to win compensation whether they have been hurt by leading causes of serious injuries or something else. (more…)