Matthew Sharp Represents Little Valley Wild Fire Homeowners

Matthew Sharp appears on KOLO 8 News

Matthew Sharp appears on Reno News 4

Reno, Nevada lawyer Matthew Sharp is representing the victims of the Little Valley Fire who lost their homes after a controlled burn got away from the Nevada Division of Forestry. In the early morning hours of October 14 winds as high as 70 mph blew through the foothills of the Sierra Mountains fanning the embers of a controlled burn that had run from October 4-7. (more…)

A Roundup of Significant Bad Faith Insurance Verdicts

annoyed woman_attorneys for insurance claimsIt is a simple fact that many insurance companies have a financial incentive to slow-pay claims or deny them. When an insurer employs this or related tactics to keep from justly paying claims, it is called a bad-faith action. Holding such firms accountable is the work of attorneys.

Unfortunately, such situations are not rare. (more…)

Common Reasons Claims are Denied

sticky note with why, bad faith insuranceUnscrupulous insurance companies often attempt to deny health insurance claims by either delaying payment or making the process so onerous that the claimant simply gives up and drops the claim. This type of bad faith insurance behavior is more common than people want to think, and the following are some of the most common ways it manifests. (more…)

Why It is More Dangerous than Ever to be a Pedestrian

pedestrians on street,The numbers of pedestrian injuries and deaths have been steadily rising each year, and despite many efforts to educate drivers on safety, these numbers are expected to continue climbing for the foreseeable future. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates that a pedestrian is killed every 1.6 hours in the United States. (more…)

Tax Treatment of Bad Faith Insurance Recoveries

tax in red, bad faith insuranceThe taxability of bad faith judgments depends on the underlying facts of the case. If the case was for a personal injury, then it is not taxable. However, if it falls under a contract dispute, then it is taxable. Bad faith claims are causes of action that plaintiffs can bring against insurance companies who wrongfully deny coverage, such as (more…)

When Truck Drivers Nod Off at the Wheel

semi truck_Truck Accident LawyerDrowsy driving is a deadly problem that causes over 100,000 accidents in the United States each year. These accidents cause an estimated 40,000 injuries and claim 1,500 lives. Long hours, long distances, and tight schedules make truck drivers especially prone to drowsy driving. Studies conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Association show (more…)