Las Vegas Insurance Bad Faith Lawyer

An insurance company exists to help people when they need it most. When you become a policyholder, you trust your insurer to take care of you in times of need. That’s what you pay your insurance company for, and that’s what they’ve promised to do.

When you’re injured, facing a serious illness, or have suddenly lost your home is the worst time to find out your insurance company is untrustworthy. But sadly, this is exactly what happens to countless individuals.

If you believe your insurance company has wrongfully denied your claim, violated the terms of your policy, or is otherwise acting unlawfully, a Las Vegas insurance bad faith lawyer is ready to meet you. We can review your insurance policy and denial letter, along with other supporting evidence, to help you determine your legal options.

The Law Office of Matthew L. Sharp defends policyholders from corporate misconduct in Las Vegas, Clark County, and throughout the state of Nevada. Contact us to learn how we can help.

Types of Bad Faith Insurance Claims We Handle

Las Vegas insurance bad faith lawyer

The Law Office of Matthew L. Sharp is a personal injury and insurance bad faith law firm that commits a large part of our legal practice to protecting clients against bad faith actions committed by all types of insurance carriers.

Some of the cases we regularly handle in the Las Vegas area include:

If you don’t see the type of insurance dispute in which you are involved listed above, contact our office.

Our highly-specialized skills, resources, and experience allow us to successfully navigate a number of complex bad faith insurance cases that many other law firms are not equipped to handle. We will gladly evaluate your case and advise of your legal rights at no cost to you.

What Is Insurance Bad Faith?

“Bad faith” refers to actions that are not in good faith, meaning they are fraudulent, dishonest, neglectful, and usually involve a breach of obligation to another party.

Insurance bad faith practices mean that the company mishandled a claim by breaking a law, violating a contract, purposely missing a deadline, or acting in another way that intentionally or negligently does not meet good faith standards.

In our experience as Las Vegas insurance bad faith lawyers, we know these types of actions to be far more common than many people realize. The health insurance industry alone is a multi-billion-dollar industry, not counting homeowners insurance, auto insurance, life insurance, and many other insurance sectors that on their own rake in millions in revenue every year.

We cannot state with enough emphasis that insurance companies are motivated by profits.

This leads corporate leadership and decision makers to put practices in place that aim toward the goal of reducing payouts and saving money. Anyone who has seen the innerworkings of an insurance agency knows this to be true. The system is not built in favor of the claimant—it is built to benefit the company.

The actions of an insurance company will always put profits over people. This is why we see so much corporate dishonesty and tricky, manipulative practices in our roles as insurance bad faith attorneys—and why we work so hard to make ourselves the best advocates we can be on behalf of the injured individuals we represent.

Examples of Bad Faith Insurance Practices

The type of bad faith practice you’re currently coming up against with your insurance company may be listed below.

If not, keep in mind that this is only a limited list of bad faith acts commonly employed by insurance carriers. There are many more forms of misconduct that can be considered bad faith and may entitle you to take legal action against the company.

  • Denying a claim without a valid reason
  • Refusing to provide further details about a claim denial
  • Delaying processes so that vital deadlines are missed, limiting your ability to recover compensation
  • Not conducting adequate investigations into your incident
  • Offering a settlement amount far lower than what your claim is really worth
  • Purposely misconstruing language in the terms of your policy to deny you compensation
  • Cutting off communications with you
  • Retroactively cancelling your coverage without legitimate cause
  • Delaying payment on a valid claim
  • Threatening or intimidating you into accepting an unreasonable settlement offer

It is astonishing the frequency with which we see these tactics used by unscrupulous insurance corporations. The sad truth is that most people don’t have a deep understanding about what an insurance company legally can and cannot do.

This knowledge gap is completely understandable—those who are not in the legal or insurance fields rarely have the time or opportunity to become well-versed on the incredibly dense and complex network of federal and state laws by which insurance agencies must abide. And insurance companies are never shy to exploit the fact that they know more about insurance laws than most claimants.

A situation like this puts policyholders at a severe disadvantage. At the Law Office of Matthew L. Sharp, we are driven to even the playing field and give policyholders a platform on which they can fully understand and uphold their rights as consumers.

We Have Your Best Interests in Mind

When we see unfairness, we take action. And there is no fight more unfair than a billion-dollar corporation stepping on the rights of an injured individual.

It’s moments like these when founding attorney Matthew L. Sharp truly lives up to his nickname: Honey Badger. Fearless. Tenacious. Unafraid to take on a bully. These are the words used to describe honey badgers, and these are the qualities we’ll put to work for you.

Don’t let an insurance company get away with what they’ve been getting away with for far too long. We’re here to help you receive fair treatment and hold corporate wrongdoers accountable for harmful actions.

Contact a Las Vegas insurance bad faith lawyer to begin the conversation today.