Why isn’t Cymbalta maker telling us about the aftereffects?

Why isn’t Cymbalta maker telling us about the aftereffects?

Cymbalta is a much-prescribed drug whose producers have come under scrutiny for allegedly misleading the public through inadequate labeling. Plaintiffs in current cases say that the label does not sufficiently warn patients of the potential for extreme withdrawal symptoms that may occur after missing even a single dose.

In broad use

The FDA approved the antidepressant Cymbalta, or duloxetine, in 2004, for the treatment of major depressive disorder. In 2007, it was approved for treating general anxiety disorder, and in 2008 for use with patients suffering from fibromyalgia. Today, people in Nevada and elsewhere also take Cymbalta to ease the pain from diabetic neuropathy and other chronic conditions. Reno defective product attorneys are aware of the problems that may occur when patients attempt to discontinue use of the drug.

Withdrawal effects

The often debilitating effects of stopping treatment with Cymbalta are so well known that the FDA has a name for the experience: Cymbalta discontinuation syndrome. A person who stops using Cymbalta abruptly may experience the following:

  • Tunnel vision
  • Dizziness
  • Hallucinations
  • Anger and aggression
  • Suicidal thoughts

Brain zaps can be another consequence. These are felt as shocks in the brain and may be accompanied by extreme nausea and headaches. Symptoms may last longer than with other, similar medications. Reno defective product attorneys understand how this situation may dramatically and negatively affect daily life. A patient may be vulnerable to impaired concentration, loss of income and decreased quality of life.

The label controversy

Plaintiffs involved in litigation against Eli Lilly, the company that makes Cymbalta, object to the language on the label, which states that withdrawal symptoms are rare and affect just 1 percent off users. The pharmaceutical company’s own studies state that a minimum of 44.3 percent of patients taking the drug exhibited signs of withdrawal when they stopped treatment. People taking action against the company also object to Eli Lilly’s choice of the word “discontinuation” in lieu of “withdrawal.” They believe that such language underplays the seriousness and extent of the side effects, and is willfully misleading.

Billion dollar drug

Cymbalta is one of the more expensive drugs in its class. Sales of the drug bring in billions of dollars annually for the pharmaceutical company that produces it. The fact that it has been approved and is prescribed for so many different health issues might lead the public to assume its safety as well as its efficacy. Reno defective product attorneys may be able to help people receive compensation if they have suffered or are suffering from withdrawal symptoms caused by stopping Cymbalta.