Your Guide to MedPay Insurance in Nevada

Your Guide to MedPay Insurance in Nevada

MedPay insurance in Nevada is an optional type of car insurance coverage. It may be incorporated into any auto insurance policy. It usually covers medical and funeral costs related to a motor vehicle crash that hurts the policyholder, the policyholder’s immediate family members, and the passengers in the policyholder’s car.

Apart from its budget-friendly cost, MedPay insurance is valuable insurance coverage for any car owner. Nevada requires all insurance companies providing auto insurance policies to provide optional MedPay with a minimum coverage of $1,000. The coverage applies no matter who is liable for the accident, be it the policyholder or another driver. It also applies when the policyholder or his or her family members are hit by a car as they walk along the street or ride a bicycle.

Circumstances Under Which MedPay Insurance Applies

MedPay insurance comes into force anytime the policyholder or his or her loved one suffers an injury or gets killed in a car accident. It offers coverage to passengers in the policyholder’s vehicle, especially if the policyholder was driving when the accident happened. It also provides coverage to the policyholder and/or the policyholder’s immediate family members when they are in a vehicle driven by another person or if they’re struck by a car when they’re pedestrians. Examples of circumstances under which MedPay insurance may apply include:

  • The policyholder sustains a brain injury and/or any other bodily injury after a motor vehicle accident;
  • A passenger suffers a spinal injury when another vehicle rear-ends the policyholder’s car;
  • An immediate family member is struck by a vehicle while crossing a strip;
  • A policyholder’s child gets into a bicycle accident as he or she is heading home from school;
  • A motorist causes the wrongful death of a policyholder’s spouse.  

Expenses Covered by MedPay Insurance

Following a motor vehicle crash, MedPay insurance takes care of all the necessary and justifiable medical bills and/or funeral expenses, up to the coverage maximum. Some of the common expenses covered include ambulance expenses, doctor’s bills, hospital stays, short/long-term care, X-rays and MRIs, physical or occupational therapy, and funeral costs.

MedPay insurance doesn’t cover car repair expenses, medical treatment costs incurred while the insured is riding in a piece of equipment connected to a vehicle, expenses that exceed the insured’s policy limits, and costs associated with pre-existing conditions. A car accident lawyer in Nevada can help an injured policyholder obtain maximum compensation from his or her MedPay insurance. The lawyer pulls this off by collecting relevant information regarding the accident, documenting the accident victim’s injuries, and gathering the necessary medical records to prove that the victim indeed suffered injuries and incurred expenses.

The Amount of Coverage that a Person Can Purchase

A person can buy as much MedPay insurance coverage as his or her insurer is willing to sell. The Nevada law requires every auto insurance company to offer a MedPay coverage of not less than $1,000. Many Nevadan insurance companies, however, offer MedPay coverage worth between $2,000 and $10,000, with some even offering Med-Pay coverage of up to $100,000.

Filing an Injury Claim with MedPay Insurance

A policyholder can file an injury claim with MedPay insurance as he or she is receiving medical treatments. The policyholder can submit the bills to his or her insurer as he or she receives them from the hospital. An accident lawyer understands what coverage applies and will explore all options to get the highest compensation for the policyholder following an accident.

Advantages of Buying MedPay Insurance 

MedPay insurance offers great value for money. It covers the policyholder in circumstances other auto insurance policies won’t, such as when the policyholder is liable for the accident or when the policyholder is involved in a pedestrian accident as a pedestrian. MedPay insurance has tons of other benefits.

MedPay sets itself apart from other liability insurance by not requiring deductible or co-pays. It also doesn’t require policyholders to visit specific medical providers after an accident. Premiums won’t be increased or coverage reduced following an accident. There is also no requirement to repay other insurers for the medical costs covered prior to the release of the MedPay funds.

MedPay coverage is inexpensive – the policyholder will appreciate having it in the event of an accident. It will cover the policyholder anywhere he or she is and in virtually any kind of an accident. It will also cover the policyholder’s immediate family members as well as passengers.  

MedPay coverage limit doesn’t get split up between the policyholder and his or her passengers. If the policyholder has a MedPay coverage worth $5,000, the policyholder and all of his or her passengers can receive up to $5,000 each. If the policyholder and three passengers are injured in a motor vehicle accident, for instance, the four of them can receive up to $20,000 in MedPay funds.