How to Get Medical Bills Paid After a Crash in Nevada

Published on March 19, 2020, by Matthew Sharp

Car Accident

How to Get Medical Bills Paid After a Crash in Nevada

When a Nevada car accident results in medical bills that create financial hardship, MedPay insurance and letters of promise provide payment options.

Paying Medical Bills After a Crash

Car accidents that result in injuries leave many people struggling with high medical bills they can’t pay. Following a car crash, injury victims often require immediate medical care and hospitalization to prevent complications that may lead to death. As a result, medical bills mount up quickly creating a lack of resources to pay the bills. In many cases, an injury victim’s financial hardship is often compounded by health insurance companies that deny injury claims and offer low settlement payments.

Nevada car accident victims can seek help for payment of medical bills through MedPay insurance policies and legal agreements with medical providers. Reno personal injury attorneys can explain medical payment options that help injury victims reduce financial hardship.

MedPay Insurance

In Nevada, all insurance companies must offer MedPay coverage when they offer car insurance. MedPay coverage helps to pay medical bills following a car accident, regardless of who is a fault for the accident. MedPay offers car injury victims fast coverage to pay medical bills while accident details and payments are being sorted out. MedPay insurance has no deductible, covers a variety of medical-related expenses up to policy limits, and allows injury victims to see any doctor of choice.

MedPay can function as a person’s primary healthcare insurance or be used to supplement basic coverage. If used as primary insurance, it covers immediate medical expenses and ongoing expenses under the policy. If used as supplemental insurance, the primary healthcare policy is used first, then MedPay picks up deductibles and co-pays.

Nevada does not allow insurance companies to be reimbursed for MedPay payments made to policyholders for injuries. Under a Supreme Court ruling, insurance companies are not permitted to reduce the value of an injury victim’s damages to cover MedPay expenses after a car accident.

Letters of Promise

Letters of promise are common in Nevada car accident cases. When drawn up by an auto accident attorney, letters of promise represent a legal, enforceable document between a medical provider and an injury victim. The agreement ensures that a patient’s medical bills will be paid through recovery for damages in personal injury claims. Since this type of binding agreement represents a legal letter of intent, it can only be accepted by medical providers from a licensed Nevada attorney.