Matt Sharp and Doug Terry deliver Bill Eskew a $200 million dollar verdict, the largest against a health insurer in the country. Read here for more details


Volkswagen sold cars promising a “clean diesel” vehicle. Volkswagen has deceived the public and environmental regulators by selling vehicles that were designed to cheat on emissions test. Since 2009, Volkswagen installed a software device called a defeat device. The software made it so emission controls only triffered when being tested for an emission test. Volkswagen’s conduct was widespread and may impact 11,000,000 cars worldwide and nearly 500,000 cars in the United States.

If you own a Volkswagen diesel, you should know your rights. You may have been subject to deceptive trade practice. You may be entitled to compensation for diminishment of fair market value because you bought had an undisclosed defect that will impact the value of your car. You may even be entitled to rescind your purchase agreement because you never received the benefit of your purchase price.


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