Well Care Pharmacy Issues Recall Due to Sterility Concerns

Well Care Pharmacy Issues Recall Due to Sterility Concerns

Reno medical product liability attorney Matt Sharp recognizes the importance of safely compounded medications. However, medications that are improperly compounded can have serious adverse effects on the patient.

Well Care Compounding Pharmacy issued a voluntary statewide recall on May 17 after an FDA inspection. All sterile compounded products issued between January 1 and April 29 are recalled due to a potential problem with sterility. Customers with unused product should stop using it immediately. Anyone suspecting adverse effects from the products should contact the FDA.

Compounding pharmacies produce compounded medications. These medications can ideally be tailored to an individual’s personal needs. A pharmacist may add to or modify an existing medication. These medications can be crafted into lollipops, anesthetic gels, oral solutions and sterile products.

Matt Sharp, a Reno medical product liability attorney, remarked, “Sterile drug products that are compromised can cause serious infections and even death. Compounded medicines are not necessarily backed by the FDA, either.”

The FDA closely monitors compounding pharmacies such as Well Care. Medications that have been altered are not verified for their safety and effectiveness by the FDA. Poor compounding practices can lead to contaminated solutions.

This is especially dangerous when solutions are designed to be injected into the body. The recall at Well Care involves solutions that should be sterile. These compromised solutions could cause infection or death if injected.

Compounding pharmacies can be important for individuals who require specialized medications. However, consumers should realize that products produced in a compounding pharmacy are not FDA-approved. There has been a recent wave of firms acquiring pharmacy licenses. These firms are then making and distributing medications in a way that warrants close scrutiny by the FDA.

“Serious and life-threatening illness can occur if medications are not sterile or if they are compounded incorrectly. This can negatively impact the patient and the patient’s family,” says Sharp. “Consumers should ask their doctor if a medication is FDA approved. If a compounded medication is necessary, the patient should contact their physician immediately if there are any adverse effects.”