Trial Lawyer of the Year: Matthew L. Sharp

Published on March 14, 2015, by Matthew Sharp


Trial Lawyer of the Year: Matthew L. Sharp

When there is work to be done, Matthew Sharp is the first lawyer to roll up his sleeves and begin the tasks at hand. That is true whether you are dealing with legislative reform, trial preparation, appellant briefing or any other aspect of the legal profession that protects and furthers the rights of consumers and other injured persons.

Matt is a fifth-generation Nevadan and the nephew of Procter R. Hug, Jr., who served as both a Justice and the Chief Justice of the Ninth Circuit Court. Matt is a graduate of the University of Nevada Reno, following a family tradition that dates back three generations. He received his law degree from the University of Arizona, and then pursued his law career here in Nevada. Matt and his wife Cristin have three wonderful children, Andrea, 16; Kyle, 15 and Zachary, 8. Matt is very involved in family activities and also is a recognized community leader.

A long-standing member of the Nevada Justice Association, Matt is the only person who has served the organization as president during two different terms of office. He continues to serve as an NJA governor and as co-chair of the Legislative Steering Committee, spending countless hours protecting the rights of consumers in Nevada.

Matt, a champion of consumers’ rights, directs his efforts toward making sure that the insurance industry is held accountable for their obligations to policy holders and the people who are injured as a result of negligence. He has served as lead counsel in managed care litigation involving individuals who have been denied life-saving treatments and drugs. Recently, Matt was one of three class action counsel in a nationwide settlement against a major life insurance company. The case involved the insurer’s use of retained asset accounts and was the subject of a television broadcast in Las Vegas.

Matt’s decorum in the courtroom has been applauded by the judiciary. He has been successful over the years in obtaining significant verdicts in his cases and he is always willing to assist counsel. Matt is a noted lecturer who has presented numerous seminars on insurance practices, insurance coverage, insurance bad faith, trial issues and trial preparation.

No stranger to the Nevada Supreme Court, Matt was the lead counsel in establishing that comparative negligence is subsumed into the doctrine of res ipsa loquiturWoosley v. State Farm, 117 Nev. 82 (2001). As counsel in the Crimmins v. ANTEX case and many other rescission cases, Matt has helped expand consumer rights when a health insurer rescinds a policy for alleged material misrepresentation. There have been many cases in which Matt has participated as counsel, establishing and clarifying standards in  insurance cases. He is always willing to write an amicus brief when requested.

It is an honor to introduce Matthew Sharp to Nevada as the 2011 Trial Lawyer of the Year for the Nevada Justice Association. This honor so well-deserved has been a long time coming to a man who has served the state of Nevada, the Nevada Justice Association, and Nevada’s legal profession with integrity and honor.

If you wish to speak to Matt about a potential case, you may contact him at (775) 324-1500.