What’s Driving Smart Traffic in Nevada?

Published on February 15, 2019, by Matthew Sharp

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What’s Driving Smart Traffic in Nevada?

Artificial intelligence technology is improving traffic safety and reducing vehicle crashes on some of the busiest roads and interstates in Nevada.

Nevada’s Smart Driving

A recent collaboration between Las Vegas and an Israeli startup technology company is creating safer driving in Nevada. By using artificial intelligence technology, the program can predict and prevent traffic accidents. The Israeli startup company, WayCare, uses real-time and past data from traffic lights, freeway sensors, smartphones, and vehicles equipped with specific onboard data systems to promote traffic safety. Since the recent implementation of the smart traffic technology, Las Vegas has seen a 17 percent reduction in car accidents along a section of northbound Interstate 15, just west of the Las Vegas Strip.

Data collected from WayCare includes vehicle counts, vehicle occupancies, vehicle speeds, traffic light timing, and weather conditions. The data can also detect stopped or stranded vehicles and dispatch emergency responders before can accidents occur. Nevada officials and the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada (RTC) are encouraged by WayCare technology. One connected car can provide 200 times more data that the city’s current road sensor technology used to promote traffic safety.

Nevada is known for its role in promoting autonomous vehicles. Nevada was the first state to legislate autonomous vehicle (AV) technology, which was recently signed into law. Nevada laws are very AV-friendly, so WayCare’s artificial intelligence technology is welcomed by state traffic officials and government. The RTC is open to any technologies that can improve the state’s progress in autonomous vehicles and traffic safety.

WayCare technology joins Southern Nevada and Las Vegas as a leader in innovative technology for traffic safety. Nevada has other pilot programs running with Audi, Nexar Genivi, and Cisco. It is also testing safety programs for autonomous buses.

  • Audi’s car-based technology gathers data from connected traffic lights, then gives drivers previews of upcoming red lights and countdown timers on their dashboard.
  • Nexar’s V2V network transforms drivers’ smartphones into smart dashboard cameras, then sends data to drivers via the Cloud or a Nexar app.
  • Genevi’s software protects pedestrians by sending alerts to drivers for upcoming crosswalks, bus stops, congested areas, and changes in speed limits.

Partnerships with companies like WayCare, Audi, Nexar, Genevi, and Cisco are improving traffic safety in Nevada with innovative smart traffic technologies. The state and RTC are working on federal funding to implement even smarter traffic safety pilots and programs to prevent traffic accidents and save lives.