How Do You Compare to Other Drivers on the Road?

Published on March 14, 2018, by Matthew Sharp

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How Do You Compare to Other Drivers on the Road?

The comparison of driving skills relies on many factors including driving habits in different countries and individual experiences behind the wheel.

Although the United States has some of the lowest speed limits in the world, it has one of the highest death rates from car crashes compared to other developed countries. In Germany, there are no speed limits posted on 60 percent of the autobahn, yet crash-related fatalities are much lower than in America.

Are Americans Worse Drivers Compared to Drivers in Other Countries?

According to international driving studies that surveyed 500 American drivers and 500 drivers from other countries, most drivers rated themselves as above average in driving skills. Americans thought that the U.S. had the most skilled drivers, while international drivers thought Germany had the best drivers. Most international drivers named India as the country with the worst drivers. In rating driving habits, all drivers were assessed on four important factors:

  • How often are turn signals used when making turns?
  • How often are turn signals used when changing lanes?
  • Do drivers come to a complete stop at traffic signals and stop signs?
  • What percentage of time do drivers wear their seat belts?
  • How often do drivers use their cell phones while driving?

Distracted driving is a major concern for many countries due to increased accidents resulting in serious car accidents. In America, studies show that 45 percent of drivers still use their cell phones to call, text, and email while driving, despite strict laws that forbid it. Only one percent of international drivers admit to cell phone use while driving.

Driving under the influence had an impact on driver ratings in numerous countries. India had the worst rating for driving under the influence of alcohol with the most traffic violations, accidents, and injuries for drinking and driving. Drivers in India tied with drivers in Russia for the highest average number of traffic tickets per driver, while Spain had the lowest number.

Road rage proved to be a significant driving problem is some countries. The United Kingdom had the highest number of road rage incidents, followed by Spain, India, Russia, the United States, Italy, and Germany in order from highest to lowest.