Can I File a Car Accident Claim for Injuries without a Police Report?

Published on July 12, 2021, by Matthew Sharp

Car Accident

Can I File a Car Accident Claim for Injuries without a Police Report?

A car accident victim can still file an injury claim without a police report. The absence of a police report doesn’t stop the legal process of seeking compensation for the damages suffered. Although this report can fast-track the process, it is not always compulsory.

Why Filing a Claim Without A Police Report is Possible

While a police report offers a voice of reason, it’s inconsequential from a legal perspective. It can serve as a testimony but not as the first and last account of what transpired. A person injured in an accident can, therefore, file a no-police-report injury claim.

A police report is considered a third-party witness of the vehicle accident. A law enforcement officer cannot appear before a judge as a first-hand witness because the officer most likely visited the scene after the accident happened.

The police report is a statement of several witnesses and an overview of what took place after the accident occurred. It neither validates nor invalidates whatever damages happened in the accident. Instead, it’s simply an account of what occurred that can serve as a testimony in a legal claim. That notwithstanding, a police report holds merit and a victim must try his or her best to visit a police station to report the accident.

Reporting an Accident

If the police fail to show up at the accident scene, the victim can file the report himself or herself. Before doing so, he or she should collect as much proof as possible. The victim should gather detailed information regarding the accident. He or she should also take pictures and videos of the accident scene. The victim should then visit the nearest police station to report the accident.

Filing an Insurance Claim Without a Police Report

A police report isn’t a key requirement for insurance claims, especially those involving minor damages. If there is no major property damage, serious injuries, or criminal activities, then most insurers won’t require a police report. The process of the insurance claim tends to be faster when there is a police report. Without it, the claim will still move forward but at a slower pace.

An accident lawyer can guide a person involved in a personal injury accident with no police report on the right steps to take. The lawyer can obtain required proof of liability and damages to help the person get sufficient compensation for his or her recovery.