Listeria Outbreaks in Food and Expected Health Impacts

Listeria Outbreaks in Food and Expected Health Impacts

Recalls of food products are becoming more and more of a problem. Trader Joe’s is the latest grocery store to issue a recall. Over 33,000 pounds of a kale and broccoli salad were recently recalled. The health impacts of such a recall can be severe.

Consumers expect a safe food supply. Problems with manufacturing, distribution and sales can cause food to become contaminated. These contaminated products can cause foodborne illnesses. Some can be particularly distressing for at-risk individuals.

Salads Contain Contaminated Sunflower Seeds

Trader Joe’s recalled the salad containing sunflower seeds due to the seeds being contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes. Listeria can cause serious or fatal infections in vulnerable populations. These include:

  • Young children
  • Elderly people
  • Persons with a compromised immune system
  • Pregnant women

Pregnant women are at risk because listeria can cause miscarriage and stillbirths.

Recalls Highlight Problems in Foods for Consumers

Contaminated food products can impact the lives of consumers greatly. Consumers depend on having a safe, reliable food source that is accessible to all. Recalls bring this safety into question.

Reno product liability lawyer Matt Sharp said, “The FDA and USDA provide information to the public about food recalls. Consumers who eat or use contaminated products may suffer from serious illness or even death.”

What Should Consumers Do After a Recall?

Consumers should monitor the FDA and USDA pages for recalls, market withdrawals, and safety alerts. If a recalled item has been purchased, consumers should contact the store where the item was purchased to ask for a refund. If the item has been eaten, consumers should monitor themselves for potential effects.

Anyone feeling unwell after eating a recalled product should see their physician. If a person feels extremely ill, they should go to a hospital immediately. It is important to let the medical staff know about the recall and the potential contamination.

According to Matt Sharp, a Reno product liability lawyer, “Foodborne illnesses pose a great risk in this county. Consumers should not suffer because of a manufacturer’s or retailer’s negligence. Listeria is only one of many pathogens that can be present in food.”