How Can a Car Accident Lawyer Maximize My Settlement?

Published on December 20, 2021, by Matthew Sharp

Car Accident

How Can a Car Accident Lawyer Maximize My Settlement?

A lawyer can ensure an accident victim obtains the highest compensation possible by collecting the required evidence and calculating the damages correctly. A lawyer’s input is instrumental in building a strong claim, assessing settlement offers, and rejecting low settlement offers.

Insurance companies have lawyers and adjusters on their side whose main objective is to offer low settlements or disqualify claimants. A competent accident lawyer is equipped with evidence-backed arguments and strategies to counter the tricks that insurers use to lower or deny claims.

How an Accident Lawyer Maximizes a Settlement

Collecting the Required Evidence

A car accident lawyer can assemble all the evidence needed to determine the liable party and build a strong claim. If necessary, the lawyer can bring an accident reconstructionist on board to gather highly detailed proof or offer testimony that will serve as evidence in the car accident claim.

 The lawyer can help with the follow-up of the witnesses that were present at the accident scene. The accident lawyer can also obtain video footage of the accident using a spoliation letter, subpoena, or simply asking professionally.

Calculating the Full Extent of Damages

An accident lawyer will understand how an accident victim’s injuries will impact his or her potential compensation. The lawyer will know the necessary medical procedures, long-term therapies, and other treatments that may be required for the injured party to fully recover.

The lawyer will also understand how the accident will affect the victim physically, mentally, and financially. The lawyer will consider all these factors in determining what settlement offer would be reasonable for the accident victim and what would be unacceptable for his or her situation.

In simple terms, the lawyer will first calculate special damages, such as wage loss. He or she will calculate medical costs, such as doctor visits, special medical equipment, medical supplies, alternative transportation, and future treatment expenses. The lawyer will also calculate the non-economic damages incurred, such as loss of consortium, emotional trauma, and pain and suffering. Finally, he or she will collate the above damages and arrive at a final figure to present to the respective insurance company.

Providing Aggressive Representation in Court

If the accident victim can’t settle with the insurer, moving to court may be the only choice. A car accident lawyer will provide an aggressive representation when the case moves to court. The objective will be to ensure the accident victim recovers reasonable and maximum damages.