Best Nevada Hospitals for Car Wreck Injuries

Published on November 19, 2021, by Matthew Sharp

Car Accident

Best Nevada Hospitals for Car Wreck Injuries

Mountain View Hospital, Reno-based Renown Medical Center, Southern Hills Medical Center and Hospital, UMC of Southern Nevada, and Sunrise Medical Center and Hospital are some of the best hospitals for car accident injuries in Nevada. These hospitals have trauma surgeons, general physicians, nurses, other medical practitioners, and advanced medical equipment for all kinds of emergencies.

Nine Best Nevada Hospitals for Car Crash Injuries

Mountain View Hospital

Located in Las Vegas, NV, this hospital operates around the clock. The hospital has over 200 beds and around 700 doctors.

Renown Medical Center in Reno

This hospital employs close to 600 doctors. These medical experts are capable of handling common car accident injuries. This Reno-based hospital has around 608 beds for admitted patients.

Southern Hills Medical Center and Hospital

This medical establishment has 452 doctors trained in general medical practices and surgeries. The hospital accommodates around 134 in-board patients.

UMC of Southern Nevada

UMC has 636 proficient doctors and other medical experts. The resident doctors are skilled in handling minor and major injuries stemming from auto accidents. The hospital has a bed capacity of 541. 

Sunrise Medical Center and Hospital

The Sunrise medical center accommodates up to 640 patients. It has 883 doctors who are competent in general medical and surgical practices.

Spring Valley Medical Center and Hospital

This massive hospital has 1,156 doctors in its workforce. The center has a bed count of 169. The emergency room is always open to cater to any accident victims.

Summerlin Medical Center

Summerlin is a world-class trauma facility. The center has 148 beds to care for the admitted patients. There are 675 doctors to attend to accident victims requiring surgery or any other specialized medical attention.

Northern Nevada Hospital

This certified level 2 trauma hospital in Nevada is ideal for car crash victims. The hospital employs roughly 230 top-notch doctors. The center can hold up to 108 patients.

St. Rose Dominican Medical Center

The reputable St Rose Dominican sums up the list of the nine best trauma centers in Nevada. This trauma center operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It has 147 beds and 613 doctors.

A car wreck lawyer can guide an injured party through the process of choosing the best hospital for car wreck injuries in Nevada. The lawyer can also handle the legal process while the injured party focuses on his or her recovery.