Month: April 2019

When Patrons Can’t Make It Out Alive

Published on April 19, 2019, by Matthew Sharp

Personal Injury

When emergency exits and evacuation routes are not clearly marked in public spaces, patrons’ lives are put at risk for injury and death in building fires, explosions, and other dangerous incidents. Emergency Evacuation Exits In public buildings, emergency exits often mean the difference between life and death when people must evacuate quickly. Thousands of people die in building fires and explosions each year because emergency exits are not clearly marked, blocked by objects, or locked. Within the past few years, numerous deaths have occurred in nightclub fires and [...]
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Was the Nursing Home At Fault for Your Loved One’s Choking Death?

Published on April 5, 2019, by Matthew Sharp

Nursing Home Abuse

Caretaker neglect and abuse contribute to many choking deaths among nursing home residents. If a nursing home fails to protect a resident from harm, it can be held liable for the resident’s death. Choking Deaths in Nursing Homes Between 2007 and 2010, over 2,200 elderly adults age 65 and older died from choking on food. In 2015, more than 5,000 elderly adults died from choking, and 2,848 victims were over the age of 74. The three most common causes of death associated with choking were Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s [...]
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