Month: April 2018

Textalyzer: A Breathalyzer for Your Cellphone

Published on April 13, 2018, by Matthew Sharp

Car Accident

A new device called a textalyzer, designed to reduce the high number of auto accidents caused by distracted drivers, can check to see if drivers have been texting or performing other activities on their cell phones in the moments before a crash. What is the Textalyzer? A digital device, called the textalyzer, has been developed to help law enforcement crack down on distracted driving accidents caused by cell phone use behind the wheel. The new textalyzer technology is modeled after the current Breathalyzer device that police use to [...]
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Residents Are Getting Illegally Dumped By their Nursing Homes [infographic]

Published on April 6, 2018, by Matthew Sharp

Infographic, Nursing Home Abuse

“Hospital Dumping” is an illegal eviction process for nursing home residents which has become a major concern for the elderly in the U.S. and about 9,000 people fall victim to this practice every year. (Article continues below infographic) Illegal Hospital Dumping Thousands of elderly residents are getting dumped every year in hospitals where they are taken for acute care treatment of illness or injury. Once their hospital care is completed, they are told without prior warning that they cannot return to their nursing home. According to federal laws, [...]
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