Matt Sharp and Doug Terry deliver Bill Eskew a $200 million dollar verdict, the largest against a health insurer in the country. Read here for more details


As consumers, we rely upon the health care industry to treat patients fairly. There are many participants within our health care system, from doctors to hospitals to pharmaceutical companies to managed care organizations or health maintenance organizations, who influence the system. When a participant in our health care industry acts in a dangerous manner, the patient can be severely and permanently injured.

Matthew L. Sharp has represented injured patients in a wide range of complex health care cases. Mr. Sharp is one of the nation’s leading experts in holding health insurance companies, managed care organizations, and health maintenance organizations (HMOs) responsible when their dangerous conduct causes injury to the patient. Mr. Sharp convinced the Nevada Supreme Court that a health maintenance organization could be responsible for negligent or improper selection and supervision of doctors selected by the HMO to treat its members.

Recently, Mr. Sharp was one of the lead lawyers in a case that held one of the nation’s largest HMOs responsible for sending its members to an incompetent and dangerous health care provider. This case was one of the first in the country where a jury held an HMO responsible for negligent selection, supervision, and retention of a health care provider.

Mr. Sharp has represented patients injured by negligent doctors, hospitals, and pharmaceutical companies. Mr. Sharp has been responsible for over $120,000,000 in settlements for patients injured by participants in the health care industry.

If you think you have been injured by the wrongful conduct of a doctor, nurse, hospital, pharmaceutical company, health insurance company, managed care organization, or a health maintenance organization, the Law Office of Matthew L. Sharp stands ready to help you.

Mr. Sharp was one of the lead lawyers responsible for obtaining a mass settlement against an HMO. This settlement is the first of its kind in the country.

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