Matt Sharp and Doug Terry deliver Bill Eskew a $200 million dollar verdict, the largest against a health insurer in the country. Read here for more details


Business disputes abound in today’s antagonistic and pressurized business climate. Corporate entities are struggling to meet their bottom lines, and most companies act ethically, but there are far too many instances of businesses acting in bad faith or with a reckless disregard for their employees or customers. At the Law Office of Matthew L. Sharp, people who have become embroiled in a business dispute can find the knowledgeable and experienced representation they need to reach a fair outcome.

Consumer Law, Employment Law, Business Law

The Law Office of Matthew L. Sharp represents clients for business disputes involving:

  • Breach of contract, warranty or fiduciary duty
  • Commercial real estate
  • Covenants not to compete
  • Deceptive trade practices
  • Employment issues, including wrongful termination
  • Fraud
  • Insurance bad faith
  • Real estate and leasing

A Legal Remedy

The solution to your business dispute may be financial compensation, a court order, your reinstatement at your job, or another option that is fitting and fair. With legal representation from Matthew Sharp, your business dispute will receive the close attention it deserves. In some cases, it’s best to obtain a negotiated or mediated settlement rather than go to court, but in other cases, litigation may be necessary and appropriate, in order to establish a precedent or “send a message.”

Mr. Sharp will discuss your circumstances and goals with you at length, and together with you he’ll design a legal strategy that can achieve your goals and stay within your budget. He has the depth and breadth of business law knowledge to help you achieve a satisfying outcome.

Arrange a Business Dispute Consultation

The first step toward resolving your business dispute is to contact a law firm with the ability to see your case through. Schedule a consultation to discuss your case with Matthew Sharp today, and your business dispute will be on its way to a resolution.