These Safety Solutions Can Reduce Truck Crash Injuries and Deaths

These Safety Solutions Can Reduce Truck Crash Injuries and Deaths

Automatic emergency braking, underride guards, speed controllers, anti-distracted driving policy, and defensive driving are some of the safety solutions that can potentially minimize truck crash injuries and deaths. These safety solutions also minimize costly repairs, insurance premiums, and claim payouts.

Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB)

AEB is a crash prevention technology that has demonstrated its effectiveness in reducing truck collisions and moderating their severity. This technology has been utilized by top U.S. trucking businesses for years and there are adequate data and research to back its essential use.

Speed Controllers

Excessive speed is one of the leading causes of commercial truck crashes. Fortunately, speed controllers can be incorporated into the engine control modules of trucks to maintain their speed at a safe level. By helping drivers maintain a safe driving speed, this technology minimizes and mitigates truck collisions while enhancing a truck’s fuel efficiency.

Underride Guards

Underride guards have been proven to reduce truck crash injuries and fatalities. Having energy-absorbing underride guards installed on the back, side, and front of a truck can protect drivers and other at-risk road users from underride accidents.

Practicing Defensive Driving

Defensive driving is a style of driving that urges truckers to constantly watch out for possible dangers and fluctuations in roadway or driving conditions. Drivers are urged to lower the risk of crashes, injuries, and fatalities by expecting potentially hazardous situations and quickly making safe, intelligent decisions while driving. By embracing defensive driving practices, truck drivers are less likely to get into crashes, which reduces expensive repairs, surges in insurance premiums, and claim payments.  

Implementing an Anti-Distracted Driving Policy

Cell phones are the leading cause of most truck crashes associated with distracted driving. Implementing a policy that bans phone use when truck drivers are behind the wheel can significantly lower driver distractions. Figures from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) show that drivers with previous accident records cause 20.7% and 17% of large truck crashes and light crashes respectively.

Promoting safe driving practices is essential to any effective truck safety program and cutting distractions should be a fundamental part of this program. If a driver is injured in a crash because of another driver’s negligence, a truck crash lawyer can help him or her schedule medical appointments, complete all the necessary paperwork, record statements from witnesses, collect the relevant evidence, and deal with insurance companies.