ALERT: Latest Update for Pokemon GO May Be Deadly

ALERT: Latest Update for Pokemon GO May Be Deadly

The newest “Pokemon GO” update has uncovered many problems previously expressed by the players. The update includes a dangerous feature – a potential epileptic trigger. The bright flashing screens have allegedly caused seizures to some photosensitive players. Many gaming outlets and communities have expressed their concerns regarding this latest update, catching the attention of Niantic.

Niantic Promises to Address the Bright Flashing Screens Concerns

Pokemon GO’s most recent update features screens that flash bright white light when gamers click on the Pokemon. Some players have reportedly experienced seizures because of these flashing screens. Niantic is already aware of this issue and is looking for the right solution. The Pokemon GO creator is currently gathering comments and concerns from its gamers regarding the new update. Some comments arose from various game news sources.

The introduction of the flashing screen in the latest update of the game might seem normal for most players, but it’s harmful to those who are sensitive to light. In fact, it might trigger life-threatening epileptic seizures among this photosensitive group of players.

One poster left a comment on the Silph Road Reddit thread in mid-June. The poster said that the flashing screens seem harmless to normal players. For him who is epileptic, however, he suffers discomfort each time the white bright colors flash on the screen. This discomfort is an obvious indication that an epilepsy seizure is looming.

Besides the Reddit thread, other players have expressed similar concerns. Many players stated that they experienced epileptic seizures after playing the newly updated Pokemon GO. Comicbook has already published these complaints, and Niantic has promised to patch the update that changed the transition period between screens.

Players specifically noted the bright white light that would keep on flashing on the screen. This light appears on two occasions during the game. First, it appears as a long flash when the gamer taps a Pokemon and later transitions to the battle screen. The second one appears during the take-off situation in the wild. What worsened it is the long exposure to the bright white screen that is allegedly triggering seizures.

History of Pokemon GO’s Seizure Triggers

Last year, Pokemon GO gamers noticed similar cases of strange light flashes in the game. Many gamers notified Niantic of the issue via Reddit.

On December 16, 1997, 700 kids in Japan were rushed to hospitals after experiencing seizures while allegedly watching the newest Pokemon episode of that time. Due to the incident, the Pokemon anime management took a 4-month break in Japan to fix the problem in its future episodes. It also implemented various guidelines that minimized certain forms of visual effects. What’s more, the Pokemon Porygon that appeared in the episode that triggered the seizure has never featured in any other anime episode.

Other Dangers of “Pokemon GO”

Apart from epileptic seizures, Pokemon GO players throughout the Internet have come across a broad range of safety concerns while playing the game. These safety concerns include:


One of the most frightening concerns when it comes to playing Pokemon GO is a series of robberies believed to have targeted players. A gang of four people robbed at least 11 Pokemon GO players in O’Fallon, Missouri, before police arrested the individuals.

Distracted Pedestrians

With Pokemon GO gamers walking to capture Pokemon, there has been a large inflow of pedestrian traffic in common areas. This surge in pedestrian traffic creates risks for both walkers and drivers. Pedestrians are focusing more on their phones than on where they are heading. Consequently, bodily injuries like twisted ankles, sore legs, and bruised chins have become common among Pokemon Go players. Players have reported that Pokemon are popping up in riskier places, such as busy highways, intersections, and car dashboards.

Distracted Drivers

Some players believe that Pokemon won’t pop up if they move faster than 20mph. Others try to check into Pokestops or actively participate in the game while driving. Some have even claimed to have spotted Pokemon on their dashboards, with others crashing on bikes while attempting to play while riding. Playing Pokemon GO or any other game while driving, riding, or walking poses risks to the player as well as other road users.

A person who is injured in an accident caused by a game player’s negligence or inattention can recover damages that he or she has suffered. The injured party may file a lawsuit or obtain compensation from the defendant’s insurance. A personal injury lawyer on the victim’s side can ensure that he or she will obtain fair compensation for all the medical costs, lost wages, and pain and suffering. The lawyer can also advise the injured party regarding the available medical payment options that can help him or her offset financial hardships.