When Off-Road Motor Vehicle Accidents Lead to Tragedy in Nevada

Published on February 14, 2020, by Matthew Sharp

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When Off-Road Motor Vehicle Accidents Lead to Tragedy in Nevada

Off-road vehicles have a higher risk of mechanical failures that result in rollover accidents, fatal injuries, and personal liabilities.

The Dangers of Off-Roading Activities

Nevada’s open spaces and back roads make off-roading a popular activity with a high risk for severe injury and death. With over-sized tires, a high center of gravity, unstable suspension systems, and lack of interior safety features, off-road vehicles are frequently involved in serious rollover accidents that cause head trauma, brain damage, neck and spinal cord injuries, amputated limbs, and permanent disabilities.

Off-roading accidents and injuries are commonly seen by Nevada auto accident attorneys who handle personal injury claims. Because injuries are often severe, injury victims face high medical bills and low settlement offers from insurance companies that do not cover off-road vehicles or off-roading accidents and injuries. Drivers who engage in off-roading activities must follow certain steps to protect themselves and others from harm and liability.

Take Safety Precautions

Drivers who engage in off-roading activities must protect themselves and other drivers and passengers from harm. Installing specialized safety equipment like roll bars and harnesses and wearing proper helmets can prevent off-roading injuries and deaths if an accident occurs.

Follow Off-Roading Rules

When off-roading, it’s important to drive on land that is authorized for off-road vehicles. Trespassing or driving in unauthorized areas can expose a driver to substantial fines and even criminal prosecution. If an accident occurs in an unauthorized area, the driver’s insurer may deny the claim and the property owner may file a lawsuit to seek compensation from the driver.

Check Insurance Policy Restrictions

Many car insurance policies do not cover off-road vehicles due to their high risks for accidents, injuries, and liabilities. While drivers are often focused on vehicle damages and injury claims, insurance companies are focused on high medical bills, and the possibility of fatalities and negligence lawsuits.

If an off-roading accident is caused by vehicle mechanical or equipment failure, the insurer and driver can face product liability lawsuits. If fatal injuries occur, a wrongful death lawsuit can be filed by an auto accident attorney on behalf of the deceased person’s family members. When an off-roading accident results in injuries, the ability to recover compensation for damages and injuries may depend on the assumption of risk. This means that the injury victim knowingly took part in a dangerous, high-risk activity, understood the possible risk of injuries, and got hurt in a foreseeable way.