The Twelve Injuries of Christmas

Published on November 5, 2021, by Matthew Sharp

Personal Injury

The Twelve Injuries of Christmas

Christmas festivities are often marred by injuries and accidents. While Christmas is a time for making merry with family and friends, many people end up spending the holidays in emergency rooms. Christmas injuries arise from accidental fires, decorations, new toys, alcohol, snow and ice, food, and Christmas trees.

Alcohol-Related Injuries

Alcohol-related injuries range from broken limbs and teeth to permanent impairments and fatalities. The number of drunk driving accidents hits a record-high every Christmas. The most effective remedy is avoiding drinking before stepping behind the wheel.

Electrical Fire Injuries

Fairy lights bring out the true magic of the season. Sadly, these adornments rank as one of the top causes of Christmas injuries. In the months between holidays, Christmas lights sit unused in attics.

There’s no better way to fireproof the entire property than by first inspecting the lights before putting them up. Unplugging the fairy lights before retiring to bed is a great safety measure. Keeping the lights at a safe distance from flammable objects can also help deter house fires.

Road Accident Injuries

More traffic accidents occur during Christmas than at any other time of year. These traffic collisions are due to the increased number of road users every December. Some of these motorists drive under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

Road accident injuries lead to permanent disabilities and fatalities every Christmas. Checking live traffic reports is the surest way of staying one step ahead of the rest of the commuters on the busy highways. Knowing the right steps to take after a crash can prove helpful as well.

Snow and Ice Injuries

Many dream of having a white Christmas. Unfortunately, snow increases the risk of getting injured. Putting on the appropriate snow gear can protect a person from personal injuries like frozen fingers and toes.

Caution is necessary when walking on snow-covered pavements. Business owners have a legal duty to clear the excess snow leading to the premises. Failure to honor this duty of care can result in slip and fall accidents among customers. An injury attorney can investigate the fall incident and collect the required evidence to help the injured party get full and reasonable compensation.

Shopping Accident Injuries

Shoppers risk getting injured while shopping for Christmas. It’s possible to slip and fall on the mall’s escalators. Business owners are responsible for creating a safe shopping space for holiday shoppers and staff.

Allergic Reactions

Merry-makers are fond of experimenting with new foods and drinks this season. This deviation from normal habits sometimes leads to allergic reactions. Eateries are supposed to clearly label all the ingredients to protect the customers from allergies.

Food Poisoning

The risks of getting food poisoning are always present during Christmas. Reading through the cooking manual carefully can ensure the turkey or any other food comes out just fine. Under-cooked turkey can cause life-threatening salmonella poisoning.

Kitchen Injuries

The kitchen is one of the most dangerous spaces in the house, especially over the busy holidays. Culinary-related accidents tend to increase over Christmas. These injuries include knife cuts and burns. It takes a proper organization of the kitchen space to significantly lower the risk of kitchen-related Christmas injuries.

Defective Toys Injuries

Christmas is an exciting time for kids. Parents spoil the little ones with gifts to mark the auspicious occasion. Unfortunately, some of these toys are hazardous for kids. Toy buyers are highly advised to purchase from reputable retail stores. An injury attorney can take parents of a child injured by a defective toy through the process of recovering full damages by filing a product liability lawsuit against liable parties.

Christmas Tree Injuries

Christmas trees take center stage in most households during this holiday. Consumers have the option of getting a synthetic tree or a natural one. Both varieties come with a fair share of risks. The trees can fall and injure someone. There’s a risk of electrocution if water comes into contact with the lights adorning the trees as well. Dry natural trees are also notorious for catching fire.

Slip and Fall Injuries

Falls are yet another leading cause of injuries on Christmas. Many people often fall when hanging decorations. Some fall and get severe injuries due to excessive alcohol consumption.

Back Injuries

Back injuries are also common during the festivities. Employees in busy warehouses are more susceptible to back injuries during the holidays than at any other time. These back injuries arise from the increased heavy lifting at the workplace. Employers have a responsibility to ensure the staff gets proper training on lifting heavy goods.


Choking accidents always spike during the end-of-year festivities. Kids and pets are likely to choke on the decorations and toys with disastrous outcomes. Ensuring toys meet the necessary safety standards can keep choking accidents at bay. Mastering first-aid responses for choking is crucial as well.