Month: September 2022

When Insurers Deny Coverage for Necessary Medical Treatment

Published on September 29, 2022, by Matthew Sharp

Insurance Bad Faith

Insurers deny coverage for necessary medical treatment for varying reasons, sometimes legitimate and other times, unethical. Insurers may also deny coverage due to a mistake. When insurance companies refuse to pay claims for valid reasons, people may lack many options for recourse.  However, if your claim was denied for illegitimate reasons, or otherwise in bad faith of your agreement, you may have options to appeal or pursue the action further.   What Is Medical Necessity? Medical necessity generally refers to a reasonable treatment, service, or procedure that helps someone [...]
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How A Lawyer Can Help Solve An Insurance Dispute

Published on September 22, 2022, by Matthew Sharp

Insurance Bad Faith Disputes

Understanding how a lawyer can help solve an insurance dispute is beneficial in helping you recover the benefits you need and deserve. Sometimes, insurance companies appear to be purposefully dragging out the claims process or oddly unwilling to agree with you.  Attorneys who specialize in insurance often make these processes more efficient. They are also useful in complicated claims, cases of unclear fault, and situations where you suffered huge losses. How a Lawyer Can Help Solve an Insurance Dispute Some of the leading reasons people hire lawyers for [...]
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