Month: January 2022

How Do Insurance Companies Act in Bad Faith

Published on January 21, 2022, by Matthew Sharp

Insurance Bad Faith

Insurance companies that fail to fulfill their promises are acting in bad faith. They do this by either refusing to cover a valid claim from a policyholder or failing to investigate and settle the claim without undue delay. They also act in bad faith when they deny an otherwise legitimate claim by misrepresenting the language of the insurance contract to the policyholder.  Concealing limitations and exclusions of a policy to policyholders before they buy the policy is an insurance bad faith practice. Another example of an insurance bad [...]
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How to File a Bad Faith Insurance Claim

Published on January 11, 2022, by Matthew Sharp

Insurance Bad Faith Disputes

Reviewing contract terms, gathering all relevant evidence and documents, and documenting denial of a claim are the first steps in filing a bad faith insurance claim. Another crucial step is appealing the insurance company’s decision. If the insurance company refuses to reverse the claim denial, the claimant can then write a demand letter to the company. If the insurer responds negatively or fails to respond within the time limit stated in the demand letter, the claimant can file a complaint with the Nevada Division of Insurance. If the [...]
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