Month: October 2021

When Uninsured Truckers Cause a Crash

Published on October 27, 2021, by Matthew Sharp

Trucking Accident

A person injured in an accident caused by an uninsured trucker in Nevada can cover medical expenses and other damages with his or her medical payments policy. The accident victim can recover compensation from his or her uninsured and underinsured motorist policy if he or she has it. The victim can also cover medical costs with his or her health insurance policy. An attorney may look for other potentially liable parties that may compensate the victim for his or her injuries. Medical Payments Policy An accident victim can [...]
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New Laws in Nevada Open the Door for Sexual Abuse and Trafficking Claims

Published on October 20, 2021, by Matthew Sharp

Personal Injury

New Nevada laws removing or extending statutes of limitations for sex crimes and updating the definition of advancing prostitution have paved the way for more sexual abuse and trafficking claims. The new laws, coupled with the current #MeToo and Time’s Up movements, have increased the number of sex crime victims coming forward with sexual abuse or trafficking allegations. An Overview of the New Nevada Laws No Time Limit for Sexual Assault Under Specific Circumstances   Under the 2019 Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS) 171.082, there is no time limit [...]
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Travel Tips to Keep Your Holiday Season Safe

Published on October 13, 2021, by Matthew Sharp

Personal Injury

A person planning to travel this holiday season should keep his or her travel plans flexible and book flights that prioritize safety. The person should rethink the airport experience and have a backup plan. By following these practical tips, people can enjoy safe travel during the upcoming holiday season. Keeping Travel Plans Flexible Efforts to curb the spread of COVID-19 in the origin or destination of a traveler significantly influence travel decisions. Given that travel plans can change at any time, a traveler should look for hotels that [...]
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Is Amazon Putting Stoned Delivery Drivers Behind the Wheel?

Published on October 8, 2021, by Matthew Sharp

Car Accident

Amazon is urging its delivery partners to include cannabis users in their pool of potential delivery drivers. The e-commerce giant believes this move would ease the severe shortfall of delivery drivers. Based on a communication examined by Bloomberg and interviews with four delivery partners, Amazon is directing its delivery partners to advertise that they don’t test applicants for marijuana use. Calling Off Marijuana Screening According to Amazon, dropping marijuana screening can increase job applications by as much as 400%. The company also says testing prospective drivers for marijuana [...]
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