Month: August 2020

Is Your Hand Sanitizer Toxic?

Published on August 19, 2020, by Matthew Sharp

Personal Injury

The FDA has recalled 100 brands and 150 varieties of toxic hand sanitizers which can cause serious injuries, even death, to adults and children. Beware of Toxic Hand Sanitizers The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is warning of potentially dangerous hand sanitizers currently marketed for protection against the spread of COVID-19. To date, more than 100 brands of hand sanitizers have been recalled. The latest recall warns of toxic hand sanitizers that are contaminated with 1-propanol, a toxin that can cause life-threatening reactions when ingested. The FDA [...]
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Why Online Car Accident Settlement Calculators May Not Be Accurate

Published on August 12, 2020, by Matthew Sharp

Car Accident

Using an online calculator to estimate damages after a car accident may provide inaccurate results. Personal injury claims are often based on decisions made by insurance companies, court judges, or juries in a court trial. Car Accident Settlement Calculators When a car accident results in injuries, the injury victim can file a personal injury claim or lawsuit against the party who caused the accident. Under tort law, a plaintiff is entitled to pursue legal damages that restore him/her to the financial condition that existed prior to the car [...]
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6 FAQs About Truck Accidents in Nevada

Published on August 5, 2020, by Matthew Sharp

Trucking Accident

Many questions arise following commercial truck accidents in Nevada and the answers can determine the course of a claim. When large vehicle crashes occur, a truck accident lawyer can help find reliable answers. Some of the most common questions that come up following a collision include the following. Are Commercial Motor Vehicles More Hazardous Than Other Forms of Transportation? Large trucks are considerably heavier than passenger vehicles. On average, a commercial truck weighs 16 times more than a passenger vehicle. Some can weigh as much as 80,000 lbs. [...]
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