Month: November 2018

Recent Truck/Bus Accident Highlights the Dangers of Faulty Tires

Published on November 23, 2018, by Matthew Sharp

Trucking Accident

A truck/bus crash that killed eight people and wounded 25 others emphasizes the dangers of faulty tries on big rigs. Faulty tires cause thousands of motor vehicle accidents and injuries each year, but tire blowouts on large trucks and buses are especially dangerous due to the size and weight of these commercial vehicles. Faulty Tires Create Dangerous Driving When a truck or bus tire blows out, the vehicle quickly veers in the direction of the blown-out tire. Sudden and violent veering of a fully-loaded semi-truck or passenger bus [...]
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What Not to Do After a Crash

Published on November 16, 2018, by Matthew Sharp

Car Accident

Following a car accident, keeping a level head and following proper protocol can protect a driver from unnecessary arrest and legal complications. Avoiding Common Mistakes After a Car Crash By acting responsibly after a car crash, a driver can prevent possible problems with law enforcement and legal issues that may impact an injury claim. Here are some common after-crash mistakes to avoid. Leaving the Scene of the Accident According to the law, a driver is required to remain at a car accident scene until the police arrive, regardless [...]
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5 Frequently Asked Questions About Elder Abuse

Published on November 12, 2018, by Matthew Sharp

Nursing Home Abuse

When elder abuse is suspected, families are often plagued with a variety of questions about the warning signs of maltreatment, how to protect their loved ones, and what to do when physical or emotional harm is discovered. What is Elder Abuse? Elder abuse and neglect perpetrated by family members, personal caregivers, and nursing home facilities causes serious harm and often results in death for victims. Elderly adults who experience abuse have a 300 percent higher risk of death compared to elders who are not abused. It’s estimated that [...]
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Do You Have Memory Loss Caused by Brain Damage? [infographic]

Published on November 7, 2018, by Matthew Sharp

Infographic, Personal Injury

Memory loss caused by brain damage is a serious issue. Severe head trauma and brain injury often cause short-term and long-term memory loss. A person who suffers a moderate to severe brain injury may not even remember the incident that caused the injury or the events leading up to or following the injury. (Article continues below infographic) Head Trauma and Brain Injury Severe head trauma is caused by a blow to the head. It can result from a car accident, a fall, or intentional force. A concussion is [...]
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