Month: January 2018

OnSide Improves Blind-Spot Safety [infographic]

Published on January 23, 2018, by Matthew Sharp

Infographic, Trucking Accident

OnSide technology improves safety for large commercial trucks by alerting truck drivers to other motorists riding in the truck’s blind spot. Passenger cars and motorcycles riding in these blind-spot areas are at significant risk of injury and death in an accident. The technology reduces the potential risks of serious or fatal side collisions often seen by a truck accident lawyer. (Article continues below infographic) ______ Blind-Spot Technology In October 2017, Wabco launched OnSide at the American Trucking Associations’ Management Conference & Exhibition in Orlando, Florida. OnSide is a [...]
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Autonomous Cars: Are You Ready to Let Go of the Steering Wheel?

Published on January 18, 2018, by Matthew Sharp

Car Accident

Although autonomous cars have received a lot of positive publicity from the automotive industry, studies show that over 50 percent of American drivers are not ready to buy them or even ride in them as passengers due to safety concerns about accidents and injuries. Americans are Uncertain About Autonomous Cars While one-in-five people report positive reviews of driverless vehicles, approximately 66 percent report mixed reviews because of the unknown, operational safety problems. Public surveys conducted on the future of autonomous cars show that at least 54 percent of [...]
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When Safety Equipment Fails

Published on January 10, 2018, by Matthew Sharp

Product Liability

The increasing number of consumer products on the market with dangerous safety equipment is raising many questions among safety experts. Every year in the U.S., millions of defective products that can cause serious injury and death end up on company shelves and are purchased by trusting consumers who rely on their safety. Faulty Safety Equipment Puts Consumers at Risk Graco, a well-known manufacturer of children’s products, has recently recalled over 25,000 child car seats due to faulty restraint systems. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), [...]
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