Month: August 2016

State of Nevada Sues Insurance Company for Bad Faith

Published on August 23, 2016, by Matthew Sharp

Insurance Bad Faith

Officials in Nevada have filed a lawsuit against an insurance company that they say refused to assist with the payment of legal defense settlement costs in another case. The Nevada Attorney General’s Office filed the lawsuit, alleging breach of contract along with bad faith. No Payout for the State of Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt claims that a $400,000 settlement to the city of San Francisco along with around $2.5 million in defense costs was not paid by their insurance company. The state argues that the legal costs [...]
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The Leading Causes of Serious Injury [infographic]

Published on August 17, 2016, by Matthew Sharp

Infographic, Personal Injury

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), an estimated 5.8 million individuals die as a result of some type of injury each year throughout the world. This is equal to approximately 10 percent of deaths worldwide. In the United States, unintentional poisoning is the leading cause of death for adults ages 25-64, but it is followed closely by injuries sustained from motor vehicle accidents. (Article continues below Infographic) ______ The number of individuals who lose their lives to injuries only represents a small fraction of those who are [...]
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Avea ventilator under recall: May cause death [infographic]

Published on August 12, 2016, by Matthew Sharp

Health Care Litigation, Infographic, Product Liability

CareFusion Avea ventilators recalled because of risk of death or serious injury A Class 1 recall has been issued for the CareFusion Avea ventilators. Class 1 recalls are the most serious recalls issued by the Food and Drug Administration, meaning that the defects may result in serious injuries or death. The recall for the ventilators is due to a defective fuse on the alarm board of the devices, which might lead to unexpected shutdowns. When a ventilator shuts down, the patient might not receive sufficient oxygen. Avea ventilators [...]
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