Month: July 2016

Lack of Safety Testing Leads to Dangerous Products

Published on July 20, 2016, by Matthew Sharp

Product Liability

The lack of a requirement for manufacturers to have their products independently evaluated and certified for safety could be putting some consumers in danger. Although billions of products are tested annually for safety by third party agencies, there is currently no federal law that requires this be done. As a result,many manufacturers place potentially hazardous toys, electronics and other items on the market risking the safety of consumers. While occurrences are relatively rare, these products can cause severe injuries that result in disability and even death. In 2015, [...]
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The Dangers of Riding on Two Wheels

Published on July 16, 2016, by Matthew Sharp

Car Accident, Personal Injury

When a motorcycle is involved in an accident with a motorcycle, it is the motorcyclist who loses. In 2014, there were 4,586 motorcycle fatalities on American roads. When a motorcycle is involved in an accident with a car, they are 27 more likely to be killed, and five times more likely to be injured in the collision.With approximately 8.5 million motorcycles in the United States, the fatality rates are poised to continue increasing. Of those who were killed in 2014, 39% were not wearing helmets. During that same [...]
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Will Nevada Propose a New Risk Assessment Test for Defective Products?

Published on July 11, 2016, by Matthew Sharp

Pharmaceutical, Product Liability

Every year, millions of people are harmed because of defective products. Some states are opting to use a test to determine defects that many believe is manufacturer-friendly. One case in Nevada may determine if such a test will be used in future Reno medical product liability cases. The Risk-Utility Balancing Test One Nevada widow was awarded over $4 million after the jury in her initial case determined that a Ford vehicle’s roof design was defective and consequently led to her husband’s death. The jury used an ordinary consumer’s reasonable [...]
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Top 8 Reasons For Medical Device Recalls [infographic]

Published on July 11, 2016, by Matthew Sharp

Infographic, Pharmaceutical

The FDA is on pace to recall more defective medical devices in 2016 than in any previous year. Eight factors are driving the number of recalls to increase each year. (Article continues below Infographic) 1. Poor Information There are several layers between a medical device manufacturer and the patient. Without adequate information about the care and installation of the device, the manufacturer risks a lawsuit from a defective medical device lawyer in Reno, NV. The device must have clear instructions for cleaning and operation, as well as warning [...]
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Medical Devices Still Aren’t Much Safer

Published on July 7, 2016, by Matthew Sharp

Health Care Litigation, Product Liability

Medical devices are not safer to use because data needed to identify dangerous devices is not routinely reported in the United States. Health problems caused by medical devices are not uncommon. The number of recalls continues to climb due to several factors. It should be a given that lifesaving devices are closely monitored. That isn’t the case, however. Medical Devices Can Be Dangerous The very devices that people rely on to save their lives can instead wreck havoc. The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is responsible [...]
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