Month: February 2016

IVC Filter Manufacturers Ignored Safety Warnings [infographic]

Published on February 25, 2016, by Matthew Sharp

Infographic, Product Liability

Defective medical devices pose serious health risks for patients who rely on safe medical procedures performed in hospitals. Although all medical devices, especially when new on the market, pose some risks to patients, defective medical products can cause serious injuries and even death. Nevada patients who suffer injuries require assistance from a Reno defective medical device lawyer who can protect their legal rights. (Article continues below Infographic) What Does an IVC Filter Do? An IVC filter (inferior vena cava filter) is a retrievable, metal device designed to entrap [...]
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Side Mirrors May be a Thing of the Past [infographic]

Published on February 4, 2016, by Matthew Sharp

Car Accident, Infographic

Car engineers have been working on the elimination of car side mirrors for years. Although they serve a necessary, functional purpose, they contribute to aerodynamic drag and blind spots for drivers, often causing car accidents and serious injuries. For Nevada drivers who have problems with parallel parking, side mirrors help, but they don’t prevent car damages or pedestrian injuries that require help from a car accident attorney Reno. (Article continues below infographic.) With new technology, it seems that side mirrors may soon be a thing of the past. [...]
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When Police Don’t Investigate Your Accident

Published on February 2, 2016, by Matthew Sharp

Car Accident

Americans often take 911 for granted. It’s an emergency number we can pick up and call when we are having a bad day and need the cavalry to come and give us a hand. Unfortunately for those involved in automobile accidents, making that call doesn’t always mean the police will show up on scene. As budgets tighten and police departments are stretched thin, some are foregoing their responsibility to investigate non-injury automobile accidents. For instance, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department was among the first in the nation to announce this [...]
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